Live Primal is Back!

After the absolute nightmare that was COVID Live primal Health Coaching is back.

We will be adding new content over the coming weeks and months for you to enjoy.

In the mean time I have been involved in a great podcast with several health friends where we discuss ancestral living in a modern context. We discuss how evolution has shaped us to become the smartest species on the planet. We discuss how 2 million years of selection pressure, adaption and environmental circumstance have created the recipe for perfect human health and how we have moved away from this is a modern world. The podcast is about getting the information out about re programming our genes to express how nature intended us to be.

We discuss ways to eat better, sleep more soundly, be more active, less stresses, to become a better person, parent and human using the principles of ancestral living in a modern day conext.

Please check us out, give a follow and most importantly spread the word to all your friends!

You can find as at all the usual podcast outlets but here are the links below to Spotify and Apple.


Chris and the Live Primal Team.

Spotify Podcasts

Apple Podcasts


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