A better way…my story

My Primal Health journey started several years ago. After finishing playing reasonably high level competitive team sports and needing a sporting outlet to scratch my competitive itch, I took up running and triathlons. I had always had an interest in sports, in fact, it was all I wanted to do as a kid. I never wanted to be a policeman or a fire fighter (we will get to that in a second…), I wanted to be a sports star. After completing high school and realizing that I was unlikely to become a professional athlete, I studied a Bachelor degree in Sports Science at Edith Cowan University and then continued on to a Graduate Diploma in Education.

During my twentie’s I got by eating poorly and exercising a lot, never really ‘out of shape’ but never being overly fit. Running helped me become fit, but I was never able to shift that last five kilos. I would get to the start line of races and look around and see people with similar physiques to me. Look pretty fit but carrying a bit around the waist. At this time I had left my teaching job to become a fire fighter. I looked around at the other fire fighters who had great physiques but didn’t train and workout half the time I did. I was doing something wrong. That is when I started to wonder, there must be a better way.

It took me a while to find it, but it turns out that better way was eating the primal way, inspired by the diet of our ancestors. The standard “following the food pyramid” diet and in particular, sports nutrition guidelines, had failed me. The high carb diet of gel shots, sugary Gatorade drinks and pasta to fuel for races just put me in a state of constantly needing food for energy. This made me lethargic about 3pm, often gave me weird ‘hangover’ like feelings in the morning and hitting the wall hard during races.

In searching for something more, I found out about Primal Health and decided to follow its guidelines and see how I went. Primal eating reset me. I was able to use my fat for fuel. I didn’t rely on carbohydrates for energy every four hours, I could skip meals and actually feel better. I was more alert. I didn’t realise how bad I felt until I actually felt better. I lost fat around my waist. My athletic performance improved. I was sold!

I entrenched myself in the primal health way of life, including changing the way I trained for endurance events, the way I trained in the gym and also in my everyday living – relaxing more, taking rest days and listening to my body. As a result I feel reinvigorated about sports science and nutrition – hacking the body using science to get better results. With my new found enthusiasm I wanted others to feel the benefits of the primal way of life, so I decided to undertake the Primal Health Coach Certification. The Live Primal business is my way of passing on some of my knowledge and tips to help others take a different, and (in my opinion) much more enjoyable, way of life.