Functional Movement Screening


Functional Movement Screening aims to evaluate how well a person moves through a wide range of functional movements or tests. It comprises a series of 7 exercises that test how well a person performs movements most commonly used in sport and basic human movement. The Functional Movement Screen uses assessments that test the following;

Squat Bend Pull
Lunge Push Twist
Walk Run Sport Specific

As with most sports, and in life, people predominately use one side of their body and/or are more dominant on one side of the body than the other, therefore, a lot of the load, power and force are projected through that side of the body eg kicking, throwing, picking up a child. This makes the athlete susceptible to injury and fatigue.

What the FMS aims to do is to score each of the 7 individual assessments 0-3 depending on the range of motion of the person. This scoring system then enables the identification of stress points, imbalances and mobility and stability issues and therefore the most likely sources of injury. Once these have been identified, corrective strengthening exercises are prescribed to help prevent injury.

The data from the FMS can be used for the establishment of individual, tailored programs for warm ups before sports specific activities, weight bearing strength and conditioning programs or as a mobility session.

Hopefully, the outcomes will be a decrease in injuries, more physical resilience, and the ability to perform more efficiently for longer with less stress, fatigue and soreness.

This type of screening is performed by many employers, such as emergency services (fire fighters, police and paramedics), strength and conditioning coaches and allied health professionals all around the world.

Here at Live Primal, we will be using it as the corner stone of our Kickstarter and 12 Week Program Packages, to determine how well someone moves and how we can simply, easily and effectively improve those movements because if we move better, we feel better and perform better, whether that is in athletic pursuits or in life in general.