Informative, Knowledgeable and Patient.

“Chris is very knowledgeable, informative, patient and a great teacher. Changed the way I look at what goes into my body, in a positive way. Thanks Chris!”



Highly recommend Chris as a Coach for Your Health Improvement Plans

“I bought Mark Sisson’s book on the keto diet a few months ago and have been itching to do this diet. But I could never get started because it was so intimidating. I kept postponing keto again and again and realized I needed someone to guide (and police!) me. I looked for a Sisson accredited Primal coach and found Chris on the Mark Sisson website. He quickly figured out my strengths and weaknesses and gaps in my keto knowledge, and designed a custom program that suited my needs very well. He was always available for the many questions I had, phoned and mailed me frequently and adjusted my course on the fly. The result is that I lost seven kilos of my body fat and almost nine percent of my bodyweight! My cognition improved, my runs were a lot faster, no slumps in energy too. The keto is great, and it was very helpful to have Chris guide me through it. I highly recommend Chris as a coach for your health improvement plans.”



Cant Rate Live Primal Highly Enough


“Chris has not only coached aspects of my training but more importantly diet and nutrition to drive me towards a goal I set myself approximately 9 months ago.

The changes in my psych and body composition has been vast, dropping from 19% to 9.6% in a recent DEXA scan. Due to Chris’ teachings, I also question everything I eat, ensuring that there is a positive benefit to my body and performance”.

Darren, Firefighter

Note from LP Coach Chris: Darren set himself a goal to make the 2019 Perth Fire Fighters calendar. For almost a year he has shown extreme discipline and hard work beyond belief. His meticulous approach to training and diet has be awesome to watch and he has used the LCHF approach. An absolute legend who has raised over $5000 for charity!