Highly recommend Chris as a Coach for Your Health Improvement Plans

“I bought Mark Sisson’s book on the keto diet a few months ago and have been itching to do this diet. But I could never get started because it was so intimidating. I kept postponing keto again and again and realized I needed someone to guide (and police!) me. I looked for a Sisson accredited Primal coach and found Chris on the Mark Sisson website. He quickly figured out my strengths and weaknesses and gaps in my keto knowledge, and designed a custom program that suited my needs very well. He was always available for the many questions I had, phoned and mailed me frequently and adjusted my course on the fly. The result is that I lost seven kilos of my body fat and almost nine percent of my bodyweight! My cognition improved, my runs were a lot faster, no slumps in energy too. The keto is great, and it was very helpful to have Chris guide me through it. I highly recommend Chris as a coach for your health improvement plans.”