How is the Ketogenic Diet Going to Heal Your Body?


Welcome to part 2 of my three part series on the most talked about new trend in nutrition and healthy eating, the Ketogenic Diet. In part one of the series we discussed what the Keto diet actually is. In part 2 we discuss why is it going to heal your body.

Here we go…

The amount of nutrients you receive from eating a low carb-high fat-moderate protein diet comprised of real, whole, unprocessed foods is possibly greater than any other lifestyle or diet plan. Making this lifestyle change will give you incredible benefits. As I described in Part 1, the reason why I switched my diet was to reduce the inflammation in my body to counter the effects of the vertigo-like dizziness that plagued me at night caused by Micro-vascular Compression Syndrome. That change had many added benefits that I wasn’t expecting.

These are a few of the other benefits I have personally experienced:

  • no more 3 oclock-itis or afternoon fatigue.
  • reduce hunger cravings and no cravings for sugar
  • reduced inflammation in joints- especially my lower back
  • fat loss
  • better sleep

The Keto diet started out as a way to prevent epileptic seizures and there are tons of scientific studies and research to say that it can help with most “catastrophic neurodegenerative conditions” including autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, narcolepsy, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and stroke. Additionally, evidence is beginning to mount up about type 2 diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn and leaky gut.

Jimmy Moore suggests that the Keto Diet is “indeed the real deal and worth giving a second look as a means for optimizing your overall health” and that is what living primally is all about.

But most importantly, the Keto diet helps you control two key aspects of life, blood glucose and inflammation. Blood glucose or blood sugar is one of the most important biomarkers there is. Type 2 diabetes develops from years upon years of uncontrolled high blood sugar levels, from, you guessed, it too much sugar and carbohydrate consumption. The reason this happens is the pancreas releases insulin to push the glucose out of the blood stream and into the cells for energy. However, over time eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates puts strain on the pancreas to keep up with the demands for insulin. This right here is the start of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, as the mechanism for dealing with insulin or dealing with excess carbs and blood glucose, is broken due to years of misuse. Wouldn’t you think that the Ketogenic Diet is perfect solution for fixing this problem? Using fat as fuel rather than carbohydrates. People with insulin resistance are at a greater risk of heart disease, fatty liver disease, infertility, hormone disruption and more!

The second marker is inflammation. Inflammation is caused by poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, poor lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking alcohol) and, like high blood glucose, it too slowly over time causes damage to your body. Inflammation is believed to be a greater risk for heart disease and other health issues that cholesterol and saturated fats. Some inflammation is good like helping you fight off bacteria, illnesses or toxins as well as acute inflammation like when you twist you ankle and its swells up-these are all part of the natural healing process. When left unchecked, however, inflammation can be a problem. The two biggest foods that raise inflammation in the body- carbohydrates and vegetable oils! Just about any processed food contains the big three of bad- grains, refined sugars and some type of processed industrial oil. Check out this you tube link of how so called healthy vegetable oils are made. A real foods, ketogenic diet removes these highly inflammatory and insulin spiking foods.

Lastly one of the biggest reasons for a Keto diet is weight loss as you are not locked into a carbohydrate fat storage cycle, as I have described in several blog posts, Why We Should Avoid Grains and Why Sugars are Bad, you are free to be fat adapted and use the abundance of fats stores on your body. Being fat adapted means you always have energy stores that are a cleaner burning, healthier and more efficient metabolic tool for health.

In the next blog post I will discuss why Keto and Living Primal go hand in hand…


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